Flowing Hair Half Dime Design

The design of the Flowing Hair Half Dimes struck in 1795 bear virtually no resemblance to the earlier 1792 pattern coins.

Flowing Hair Half Dime

Mint Engraver Robert Scot is said to have created the Flowing Hair design. On the obverse, a relatively large head of liberty is facing right, with long hair flowing backwards. Fifteen stars are around and the date is beneath the truncation of the neck. The word LIBERTY appears just above the head.

Flowing Hair Half Dime Reverse

The reverse features an eagle standing on a branch, with its wings spread. A small wreath extends from the area of the branch and extends upwards to surround the eagle. The inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” appears around the outer edge of the image.

Interestingly, the denomination is not noted anywhere on the design. Apparently, the Mint officials considered the coins to be easily identifiable by their size and weight. These were the first coins that the Mint struck in somewhat larger numbers. The coins were known to have circulated among the more populated areas in the east.